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Becoming a Member

Become a Member

Connecting with this Ministry means you are more than just a name on a book. You are Family. And as your spiritual family, we will support and encourage you in your journey as you begin to learn more about Jesus Christ and discover your purpose on this earth.

First, we introduce who we are, our vision and beliefs in New Members Class 101. Secondly, we provide spiritual insight on how to develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ in Spiritual Maturity Class 201. Thirdly, we help you discover your gifts and talents and teach you how God can specifically use you for Ministry in the Developing Ministry Gift Class 301. Then finally, the Evangelizing For Christ Class 401 will teach you how to share your faith with others by witnessing for Christ.

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Class 101 - New Members Class

Introduction To Our Church Family
Class 101 is our basic introduction to our church family. It informs you who we are, our vision and mission statement and our beliefs. Attendance of this class does not obligate you to become a member; it's simply for your information. At the end of this class, you will have the opportunity to decide to join or wait and make a decision later. If you decide that God is leading you to this Ministry, then our next step is to help you grow spiritually and live out God's plan for your life.

Class 201 - Spiritual Maturity Class

Introduction To Spiritual Development
Class 201 is designed to help you develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and grow stronger spiritually by studying His word daily.

During Class 201, you will learn four important habits that will give you a fresh perspective of your new spiritual life. First, we teach you how to develop the habit of studying God's word. Spending time with God everyday will empower you to face and overcome life's challenges.

Second, every Christian need to develop the habit of prayer. This is your communication with God. He is listening and is interested in all you have to say. A third habit to develop is consistent financial giving. Discover how the windows of heaven will open and pour out abundant blessings over your life simply by giving God a tenth of all that He has blessed you with.

Finally, you will see and appreciate the value of Christian relationships. At The Harvest House Ministries, we offer many opportunities to fellowship together. First there's the regular worship services and then there are numerous church activities to just enjoy spending quality time with other members of the Ministry.

Class 301 - Developing Ministry Gifts

Discovering My Purpose In Ministry When you become a Christian, you are given the opportunity to make a difference in someone else life by serving them as a representative of Jesus Christ. You have the opportunity to make a difference in someone else's life by serving them in Jesus name. This is called Ministry.

We believe that every member is called to minister. How? By simply sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through the gifts and talents that God gave you.

Your talent or gift is never considered irrelevant or insignificant for The Harvest House Ministries because God perceives every gift as an important contribution to the strengthening and the expansion of His Kingdom.

In Class 301, we will help you access your abilities which have been with you even before becoming a Christian and determine which Ministry Team is more comfortable for you. You will discover how satisfying and fulfilling your gift can be when it is used to served the people of God.

Class 401 - Evangelizing For Christ

Winning Souls For Christ
Class 401 introduces you to the importance of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ once we become born again Christians. We have the wonderful opportunity to witness to others about the love of our father. God can use all of us to show His love to the hurting world around us ..... family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and into the community.

During this class, you will discover how to reach the unchurched and become an effective witness for Christ. Your personality, experiences in life, passion for Christ, as well as your spiritual gifts will provide you with the tools you need to reach people.

What a rewarding experience to win souls for Christ!

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