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Kingdom Women Unlimited

Kingdom Women Unlimited

Who We Are

A Kingdom Woman is that woman who positions herself under and operates according to the rule of God over every area of her life. As she seeks His Kingdom and righteousness, she lives in confidence knowing all that she needs will be added without limitation to her life. The Kingdom Woman is not the perfect woman, but she is the perfect vessel for the Kingdom of God.


We aspire to bring Women to Christ and motivate them to discover and experience their true spiritual destiny. We support and encourage all women to live without limitation in all areas of their lives. We empower them to recognize their value and their worth and equip them to be the Kingdom Women God has called them to be.


To encourage and promote Kingdom Women to come and connect as sisters in transformational relationships utilizing their gifts to glorify the Father and expand the Kingdom of God.

Ministry Colors

Black and Gold

The color black represents power, strength and authority and it evokes a sense of potential and possibility. Black is to be taken seriously and not to be fooled with.

The color gold represents inner wisdom, quality and abundance. It is the color of victory. When used with black, it suggests elegance and wealth. At times it means something that endures and withstands fire. Gold signifies the Best of the Best.

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496 E. Main Street
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Worship Times
10:00 AM  -  Joshua Generation Youth Sessions
11:00 AM  -  Praise & Worship Experience
  7:00 PM  -  Wednesday Life Enrichment Studies

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