God has blessed each of us with talents and gifts and The Harvest House Ministries recognizes that your abilities will help strengthen and increase the Kingdom of God.

We offer several Ministry Teams that will allow you to enhance your gifts, talents and resources and benefit the church family and community as well. For additional information about the Ministry Teams, call the office at 864-595-7377 or email us at:

Ministry Team Listing

Armourbearers Ministry

Baptism Ministry

Care Callers Ministry

Communion Ministry

Couples Ministry

Custodial Care Ministry

Dance Ministry

Deacon Board

Intercessory Ministry

Joshua Youth Ministry

The Joshua Generation Youth Ministry is a ministry purposed to connect the youth ages 13-21 to the Kingdom of God through relevant teachings, demonstrations and one on one session.Read More »

King's Kids Ministry

The King's Kids Children's Ministy is committed to delivering the power of the Gospel at a child's level. This Ministry is more than just watching videos, serving snacks or just babysitting your children. Read More »

Kingmaker's Women's Ministry

The Kingmaker's Women's Ministry is a ministry designed to touch the hearts of all women in every area of their lives. It is a Ministry called to encourage women to move beyond their hurt, disappointments and struggles in life and recognize our self worth. Read More »

Kingmaker's Connect Ministry

It's a fact that our precious daughters are maturing much more rapidly than we did at their age. Even at the age of eight, they are exposed to sex, drugs, fashion and boys as they attempt to grow into womanhood.Read More »

Music Ministry

Master's Men

Media Ministry

Minister's Ministry

New Members Ministry

Pastoral Administrative Support Team

Pastors Impact Covenant Ministries(P.I.C.M.)

The body of Christ is gifted with ministries possessing special talents, resources and finances that can empower and expand the Kingdom of God. However, over a period of time, the church has weakened due to the lack of discipleship training, inadequate leadership skills and separation resulting from various denominational beliefs, racial or cultural divisions. Read More »

Ushers/Greeters/Hospitality Ministry

Visitor's Ministry