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RecurringThe Joseph Effect

Location: The Harvest House
As we look ahead to expanding our vision, there is a continual reminder of a weight that holds us back from doing many of the things we have been called to do.  This weight is a debt of $135,000.00 which is the payoff of our church mortgage.

We are reaching out to friends, family and businesses within our community to consider giving a generous gift to assist us in the debt repayment process.  An amount such as this is large to us, yet we know with God all things are possible as He speaks to His people to assist in its elimination!


Giving a one time financial gift

Commit to donating a specific amount over the next 9 months

Fundraising Projects
Consider participating in our various fundraisers and projects as listed below:

1.  Sale of All Harvest House Ministries Properties
Click here to see a listing of items for sale

2.  Auction
We will do an online auction through Terry Howe Auctioneers to sell restaurant equipment, furniture, cars, real estate, etc..  Stay tuned for the link to participate in this auction.

3.  The Tables of Joseph
Sponsor a table or help support a table to raise a minimum of $2,500.00.  This event will be held on July 1st @ 4:00pm

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