Pastors Impact Covenant Ministries (P.I.C.M.)

The body of Christ is gifted with ministries possessing special talents, resources and finances that can empower and expand the Kingdom of God. However, over a period of time, the church has weakened due to the lack of discipleship training, inadequate leadership skills and separation resulting from various denominational beliefs, racial or cultural divisions.

We believe that unity in the body of Christ is essential for this generation in the restoration and expansion of God's Kingdom. Through the vision that God has placed in my spirit, Pastors Impact Covenant Ministries will establish a Kingdom minded organization of ministries networking together with our spiritual, natural and financial strengths that will propel God's Church to the place He has ordained for us.

The Vision of P.I.C.M.

This organization will provide fellowship, leadership training and networking among churches of like heart and to promote brotherhood and unity in the body of Christ.