Kingmaker's Women's Ministry

The Kingmaker's Women's Ministry is a ministry designed to touch the hearts of all women in every area of their lives. It is a Ministry called to encourage women to move beyond their hurt, disappointments and struggles in life and recognize our self worth.

We are women created by God for His purpose. We are transformed by God as Christ's woman and we are carriers of the presence of Jesus Christ. In essence, we are God's house, His Woman, His Bride.

So never underestimate the significance of your calling as a woman. Walk boldly and confident in your rightful place with Jesus Christ. Remember, we are royalty dressed in His grace and favor. So celebrate who you are .....

Mission Statement

To provide encouragement, support and guidance to all women and equipping them to serve faithfully and boldly in the church, their home and the market place.


To minister to the needs of all women, of all color, culture and diversity to enhance their spiritual growth in Christ and to train and equip them to minister in their destined purpose as servants of God.