Kingmaker's Connect Ministry

4 G'z {Girlz Giving God Glory}ages 8 - 12

It's a fact that our precious daughters are maturing much more rapidly than we did at their age. Even at the age of eight, they are exposed to sex, drugs, fashion and boys as they attempt to grow into womanhood.

The world's glamour and evil can become enticing to their impressionable young minds and sometimes poor decisions are made out of immaturity.

There is a call from heaven to take back our daughter. And we as Christian women must respond to that call by honoring the instructions given to us in Titus 2 and begin to each our young girls the way of the Lord.

4 G'z Ministry recognizes the urgency of reaching and teaching our pre-teens early. We're committed to pouring into their lives to raise up a generation of Girlz who exist to Give God the Glory.

Gods Princesses ages 13 - 17

It is a challenge to train our girls to be good mannered, virtuous and godly when the world encourages and entices them to be the opposite.

It's All About Acceptance!
Young girls have a need to be loved and accepted but unfortunately seek it in all the wrong places.

Reality check?!
God is the only one who can totally meet the needs of our hearts. Healthy relationships with friends, boyfriends or maintaining a happy marriage all begins with God.

G.P. Ministry teaches that God is really crazy about His girls and He, as their creator, understand that built-in desire to feel good about yourself and to be loved.

As developing young women, G.P. Ministry teaches them the importance of reading God's Word, praying to Him and understanding His perfect plan for their lives.

Take the challenge with God's Princesses Ministry to help train and produce a virtuous generation of young ladies.

Daughters of The King ages 17 - 22

As our young ladies graduate from high school or college, the most important question is ... Where do I go from here?

Continuance of education, choosing a career, marriage or even moving out on their own are all major choices. And the wrong decision could greatly affect the rest of their lives. Isn't it wonderful to know that God already has a plan for our lives and we can always make the right choices by following His blue print?

D.O.K. Ministry understand our position as mentors to training our young girls, as instructed in Titus 2 to live holy and godly lives. Our goal and purpose is to teach our young ladies to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And through that relationship, He will direct them onto the right path to an awesome future.

So the first most important choice? Choose Jesus First!

Just Between Sisters

The scriptures says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. We are unique and beautiful, yet an exceptionally complex individual. Through our emotional needs, our stress, our various challenges, our father understand us completely because He is the one who created us.

Just Between Sisters understand that even though we are all created differently, we are connected with kindred spirits. No one can truly understand how to minister to a woman like a woman because we can strongly identify with each other.

Our purpose is to bring women together from all walks of life to encourage, empower and equip them to victoriously meet the challenges of life's struggles.

Join us as we discover the healing, fulfillment and freedom that God has already destined for us.